Arts & Integration

Mayfield Arts has been working in the area of Arts Education for people with learning disabilities for 15 years. We are recognised as one of the leaders in Ireland in this field.

Our approach to working with adults with learning disabilities is an inclusive one that focuses on integration into local community activities. Our approach is focused on the abilities and the unique creative expression of the individual. A balance is always sought between group process and collaborative learning and individual expression.

We have been active on networks and working groups developing modules and programmes to make arts education more accessible to people with learning disabilities.

The Arts and Integration Programme focuses on the following:

 Mayfield Community Arts offers integrated open arts studios for people in the community. The centre provides facilitators and volunteers to support people of all levels and abilities to reach their full artistic potential in a relaxed, sociable environment. Each term concludes with an exhibition of work which is open to the public.
Various projects take place in the local community facilitated by the Cuig group

 Mayfield Arts Centre is a registered QQI (Formerly FETAC) centre and provides accredited courses in a number of areas including printmaking, art and design, drawing and horticulture. These workshops are integrated with people of all abilities.

We have also provided a number international training programmes exploring methodologies of working with people with mixed abilities.