The funding for this programme is currently closed.

Mayfield Arts continues to hold skills and expertise in this field and is open to future project development.

Our Past Global Education Programme:

Mayfield Arts uses arts as a tool to connect local issues with those in the global south. Projects have been developed and delivered in first and second level schools, vocational training centres and with a variety of youth projects. We have also supported a core group of teenagers in out-of-school activities who have been very active in participating, shaping and developing the programmes.

Our creative and colorful projects not only created space for personal learning, reflection and action but also created spaces for interaction with the public and various sectors of the community.

We have a long history of co-operation and partnership with community development organizations using arts methodologies in Central America. This has both contributed to the wealth of the programme’s methodologies and also has enabled our programme to maintain a balance of southern perspectives in its global education work. The contribution of international volunteers who were regularly hosted here also enriched our programmes.
Mayfield Art’s Global Education Programme has engaged the community in reflecting on and engaging in action related to community and global equality and justice issues. We used creative processes to engage groups in global education topics and created public art and events to encourage broad community engagement with global education.

Festivals/Public Art:

Mayfield Arts Centre is approached by various festivals and events to create work. We have used the opportunities for our young artists to share their creativity and opinions with the public. We have participated in the Festival of World Cultures as well as Cork’s Midsummer Festival.

Art Encounters:

In the past, we have hosted young artists from Latin America through the European Voluntary service. We worked with the young artists to engage a large number of local youths in creating art for public spaces. Our young volunteer artists shared skills such as street performance, music and mural painting and our organization and young people shared skills in visual arts and street art.

The visiting young people and the local young people developed friendships and a sense of solidarity as they worked together to create work for public spaces. They also gave great scope for exchanging ideas and methodologies.

Globalfest Youth Arts Festival:

Globalfest Youth Arts Festival brought together a range of events and projects by and for young people.

Over five years we hosted Globalfest which focused on the participation of young people as active local and global citizens. It created space for creative expression and development of creative and personal skills. It also reflected on how art can be part of our lives and part of the changes we hope for ourselves our communities and our world.

Globalfest Youth Arts Festivals

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