Creative Team Building Programme

We offer unique, tailor-made creative team building activities that improve skills associated with teamwork including: Creative thinking, Communication skills, Problem solving With a sense of fun & achievement at the core!

Why creative team-building?

Hands-on creativity engages the imagination and stimulates the mind, presenting a uniquely different, fun and creative approach to experiential
learning. Personal creativity and productivity can be enhanced while reducing
stress in the workplace. Our experienced facilitators are highly skilled in
delivering team-building workshops to a variety of groups, through a number of accessible art techniques such as printmaking, textiles, drawing, graffiti, painting and clay.

What people Say…

“I would like to thank the team for facilitating a fantastic team building
event day. I found your service to be very professional, where the facilities
and your team were of the highest standard, also you brought a huge
amount of enthusiasm, energy and fun which enabled our team to reflect on
what we have done to date while also energizing us for the challenges ahead”

Bryan O’Donnell

Director of Operations, Janssen

To book your team building workshop or for more information contact Michelle or Lisa 021 4530434